26 Haziran 2010 Cumartesi

Ayılıp bayıldığımız Thurston Moore'dan izdivacının sebeb-i mucibesi, On the Loose adlı öyküsünden :

''..she said her best friend was this beautiful artist named Kim. They played music together in a group called CKM which was the two of them and the drummer Christine Hahn from Glenn Branca's trio the Static. I was duly impressed and even more exciting was that they were trying to get Nina Canal from UT to play with them.
Kim wore glasses with flip-up shade and had an Australian sheepdog named Egan. She had an off-center ponytail and wore a blue and white striped shirt and pants outfit. She had beautiful eyes and the most beautiful smile and was very intelligent and seemed to have a sensitive/spiritual intellect. She seemed to really like me.
I definately liked her but was scared as always to make a move. I was afraid to kiss her. We walked around a couple of times. One night it got late and we were eating at Leshko's and I think she wanted me to ask her over. I only lived up the street. So we parted. She would take the subway staying at gallery owner Anina Nosei's place. Before she split she actually touched my arm (!) and said "See you later." She moved into a raw railway apartment on eldridge street below grand street. the artist `Dan Graham` lived upstairs and had aquired the place for her.
She invited me over one evening and I played this beat up guitar she had. I knew the guitar because it belonged to an associate of the coachmen gang who left it at Jenny Holzer's loft where Kim had stayed and somehow it was passed on to her. All she had was the guitar and a foam rubber cushion for sleeping.
That night was the first time we kissed.''

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